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SPANS does not provide off the shelf negotiation training. Rather, you can be assured that education and training workshops are customised to meet the specific needs of the individual or organisational client (through comprehensive assessment). Utilising a world leading negotiation training model and drawing upon high level negotiation experience and knowledge, SPANS dedicates best practice training resources to teach clients how to prepare, think and act like a strategic negotiator.

SPANS education and training workshops apply action learning principles through the use of case presentations and simulation exercises based upon case studies and exercises developed by leading International Negotiation centres such as the Harvard Program on Negotiation and the Kellog Dispute Resolution Research Centre along with ‘real life’ negotiation situations that clients bring to the workshop. This pragmatic approach to education and training extends beyond pure theory to involve hands on experiential learning, ensuring clients not only leave the workshop with a strong knowledge and a skills set that they can apply to any negotiation but that they are also equipped with plans and strategies to undertake actual negotiations.

The SPANS training framework was inspired by and draws upon the Harvard PON Negotiation training framework. With the SPANS Principal having completed the Harvard PON ‘Teaching Negotiation in the Organisation’ course you may have confidence in the quality of training to be provided.

SPANS is committed to working with clients who are aware of and have a genuine interest in developing negotiation as both individual and organisational core competencies. The bespoke approach to designing negotiation education, training and development programs is aligned to the most contemporary approach to building the organisation’s negotiation competencies to succeed. Tailored organisational negotiation development programs incorporate and audit, assessment and report on current organisational theories, frameworks and approaches to negotiation adopted by organisations and their key negotiation staff, clarifying the organisations measures of negotiation success, alignment of training and business outcomes, development of internal negotiation learning and evaluation centers. This approach links training investments to returns, demonstrating and reinforcing a commitment to the benefits of developing negotiation as a core organisational competency.

Workshops are offered at world class conference and training venues or through online training courses/sessions. Alternately, SPANS may provide workshops in-house or at a venue more suitably located to client organisations. SPANS also offers select, limited workshops at world renowned resort conference centres situated at Coffs Harbour, on the idyllic Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.

The key to success

SPANS will provide you with the key to negotiation success by helping you to become a more proficient negotiator, assist you to achieve better outcomes from your negotiations and strengthen your relationship network.

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