Strategic Planning and Negotiation Services provide you with the necessary support, knowledge, skills and confidence to increase organizational value through the development of effective strategic, operational, change and negotiation competencies. SPANS train, lead, coach and mentor clients to achieve business and personal success. We facilitate effective strategic planning, organisational change and dispute resolution processes. Our services focus on the following key specialty areas:

  • Negotiation Services
  • Mediation
  • Organisational Change and Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Supply
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances


SPANS is a specialized negotiation, education and advisory service that assists negotiators to improve performance, advantage and agreed outcomes through the effective management of high level, complex negotiations. Negotiation is our core business, honed through specialist experience, research, and teaching.

SPANS delivers customized negotiation education and training workshops, negotiation specialist services, coaching and presentations aimed at assisting clients to manage current and future negotiation assignments in a manner that creates more valuable outcomes.

Peter Spence is the principal of SPANS. An experienced high risk negotiator with extensive knowledge and interest in human relations and communications, Peter has the requisite high level skill and practical experience to develop the capacity of clients to create value through negotiated outcomes.

SPANS works to ensure each client receives dedicated, personal attention and support to achieve the best possible results from negotiations. This is achieved through the delivery of negotiation specialist, coaching and training services at a fair price and with dedication to deliver significant returns on the client investment.

SPANS is committed to building a reputation and capacity as a leading global negotiation service provider. SPANS is in the process of developing an international network of negotiation experts by partnering with international specialists, organizations and learning institutions to deliver a high quality of negotiation consultancy, education and training services across a diverse range of industry, political, social, security and trading relationships

SPANS is interested to hear from suitably qualified professionals, organizations and institutions who may be interested in forming a collaborative partnership with or joining the SPANS international associates’ network for the purpose of building value for their clients and themselves. Expressions of interest may be registered through the contact form.

SPANS is focused on working rather than competing with other negotiation professionals or organisations. Leading this collaborative approach, the SPANS Negotiations Forum has been established, a network group dedicated to forming a community of practice of international negotiation experts, organizations and learning institutions for the purpose of developing and sharing in the research, practice and theory of negotiation. This global forum includes many leading international practitioners, researchers, and teachers in the field of negotiation (see SPANS Negotiations Forum on LinkedIn).

The key to success

SPANS will provide you with the key to negotiation success by helping you to become a more proficient negotiator, assist you to achieve better outcomes from your negotiations and strengthen your relationship network.

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