SPANS provides a specialized negotiation education and consultancy service that has the capacity to support better business outcomes for organizations involved in the following areas of Business:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Procurement, supply and management
  • Mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances
  • Insurance settlements
  • Industrial relations
  • Collaborative Enterprise

Negotiation is an essential component of your core business activity and Strategic Planning and Negotiation Services can provide you with the necessary support, knowledge, skills and confidence to increase organizational value through negotiation.  SPANS train, lead, coach and mentor clients to achieve negotiation success.

SPANS will assist you to:

  • professionally prepare, open, manage and conclude the negotiation process.
  • secure valuable outcomes while preserving goodwill and long term relationships with business partners
  • add business and organizational value by promoting better synergies with business partners
  • capitalise upon the notion of integrated diversity to increase value from negotiated outcomes
  • overcome challenges and resistance and promote co-operation
  • develop collaborative advantage, extending beyond win/win to create more value than what you could possibly achieve alone
  • build cutting edge, effective negotiation competencies

If the individuals your organization has assigned responsibility to undertake negotiations have not received formal specialized training in the field of negotiation now is the time to consider engaging a Negotiation training and support service such as SPANS to develop your organization negotiation capacity.

Consistent research findings reveal that up to 80% of Business negotiations fail. Similarly, research has cited the high failure rate of strategic alliances worldwide, a sobering reminder that many organizations lose considerable value as a result of poorly prepared and managed negotiations. If your organization already falls within the above category or wishes to avoid becoming a statistic of failed Business Negotiations I recommend that you consider the Services of SPANS to improve your negotiation outcomes.

Many businesses neglect the importance that negotiations present in leveraging cost advantages and achieving better business outcomes. Instead, they apportion the lion’s share of Business capital, resource and work investments to manage and improve business productivity. Often, rising Business investment costs can be tracked to savings, opportunities and advantages that have been lost through ineffective management of negotiations. For a fraction of traditional business investment costs, effectively managed negotiations offer far greater returns per investment dollar. Poorly completed negotiations on the other hand, ultimately result in wasted resources and increased costs to your business, making both yourself and your business resources work harder to make up lost ground and achieve positive results.

No one likes to place extra effort and resources into activities to make up lost ground, particularly when the exercise is avoidable. SPANS will support you to prepare, plan, model, implement and manage the negotiation process through to successful completion. To gain a better insight into whether your Business is now making up lost ground for poorly completed negotiations ask yourself if your organization:

  • Entered the negotiation process under prepared?
  • Did not accurately diagnose the counter party’s motivation to negotiate?
  • Underestimated both your own and the counter party’s negotiation power?
  • Could not communicate or negotiate on the same ‘wavelength’ as the other party
  • Sacrificed more than was necessary to close the deal?
  • Left too much or too many opportunities behind on the negotiating table?
  • Could not engage the other party to close the deal?
  • Lost or damaged long term relationships with current or potential business partners/stakeholders as a consequence of achieving short term gains?
  • Found it difficult to engage, connect and work with new or diverse business and organisational partners

Effectively managed negotiations result in agreements that add value to your organization. SPANS will strengthen the capacity of your organisation to overcome negotiation barriers and improve your business margins, costs, revenue, productivity and synergies through the delivery of the following negotiation services.

  • Act as a ‘ghost negotiator’, working behind the scenes to guide the client through the entire negotiation process
  • The appointment of a specialist negotiator to act on behalf of the client
  • Specialist negotiation coaching and planning services
  • The provision of education and training in strategic negotiations

The key to success

SPANS will provide you with the key to negotiation success by helping you to become a more proficient negotiator, assist you to achieve better outcomes from your negotiations and strengthen your relationship network.

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