About our international associates

 Tom Hutcheson founded Exfacie Negotiation Consultants in 2003 and is their principle consultant and trainer. In 2001 he graduated from the full-time MBA program at the University of Edinburgh where he was awarded the John Macfarlane Prize for Leadership in a multicultural class drawn from 39 different nationalities. He completed courses in ‘Negotiation Theory’ and ‘International Negotiation’ as part of the MBA program, and then attended Harvard Law School in Boston completing the Certificate in ‘Advanced Negotiation for Senior Executives’ and ‘Teaching Negotiation in the Organisation’. He is currently also involved in research into Corporate Governance being conducted as part of the doctoral program at Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece .

He holds a BSc (hons) degree from the University of Aberdeen following which he went on to read Law, graduating with his LLB from the University of Edinburgh in 1991. Following further postgraduate study, he spent two years working for a commercial legal firm in Edinburgh and was enrolled as a solicitor with the Law Society of Scotland in 1994.

The majority of his subsequent legal career was spent as a litigation lawyer involved in settlement negotiation of clinical negligence claims and other commercial disputes when Tom worked under permanent contract to the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland between 1995 and 2000. He continues to the present date to provide the NHS with consultancy services through Exfacie Negotiation Consultants.

As a lawyer, Tom was the principal legal advisor to a number of Hospital Trusts in the field of clinical negligence. This role involved working closely with Hospital Trusts at Chief Executive and Board level, advising on all aspects of claim management and resolution, and he was involved in the formulation and implementation of clinical risk management policies.

As well as providing input in the form of lectures, general advice and support to the clinical practitioners, Tom worked on a day to day basis in the legal defence and settlement of claims against his Hospital Trust clients. This involved either negotiating settlement or proceeding to litigation. Although the majority of claims resulted in a negotiated settlement, Tom did appear in court on behalf of the NHS on many occasions and was routinely involved in high profile work subject to considerable media scrutiny.
Tom also has commercial experience outside of his legal career which includes having been a partner in a successful property development business.