My current research explores the value of negotiation training as a catalyst and accelerator of collaborative enterprise.

My research explores and attempts to find answers to questions such as what collaboration and collaboration enterprise means, why collaborative enterprise is an important topic of research, how Negotiation and Collaboration may be aligned and how this may influence the emergence of new theories and approaches to Negotiation teaching and practice.

As part of the research process I have reviewed the development of appropriate negotiation theories and a training framework that will best support collaboration; explored the use of network analysis as both a negotiation and collaboration evaluation tool; and ties to other themes emerging in the relational economy such as knowledge management and intangible capital.

Through this particular blog series I am pleased to invite you to join me on this journey and encourage your comments as an opportunity for valuable feedback and further learning.

To set the scene for this blog series we will commence by briefly discussing what collaboration is what has motivated me to chose collaborative enterprise as a research topic. Please join me in this discussion.

If you would like to have Peter Spence as a speaker, advisor/coach or trainer at your company, group or organisation please contact Peter via the website contact form or by email at and learn to become a better negotiator.

The key to success

SPANS will provide you with the key to negotiation success by helping you to become a more proficient negotiator, assist you to achieve better outcomes from your negotiations and strengthen your relationship network.

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