SPANS provides a diverse range of strategic organisational and business development, change management, negotiation and dispute resolution services that supports organisations to develop and succeed.

SPANS offers a specialized education and consultancy service that has the capacity to support better business outcomes for organizations involved in the following areas of Business:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Procurement, supply and management

  • Contract and Performance Management

  • Project Management

  • Mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances

  • Insurance settlements

  • Industrial relations

  • Collaborative Enterprise

  • Health Care Integration

  • Organisational Change and Development

  • Black Swan (high risk, major impact, crisis) events

Strategic Planning and Negotiation Services collaborate with clients, providing the necessary support, knowledge, skills and confidence to increase organizational value through the development of effective strategic, operational, change and negotiation competencies.  SPANS train, lead, coach and mentor clients to achieve business and personal success.  We are a high energy, innovative and responsive strategic planning and negotiation service, regularly engaged by likeminded organisations and invidual clients to improve performance and outcomes in often challenging, difficult situations.  As a must for today's disruptive environment, we thrive on change, promote innovation, responsiveness and creating value for clients.

SPANS is well known for delivering high level strategic planning, organisational development, project management, change management, negotiation, integration and collaboration education, development, advisory, and facilitation services across a diverse field, including national systems reform; company transition, merger and establishment; innovative program development and management; and cross boundary organisational collaboration.   With a proven track record and reputation for delivering successful outcomes involving high value stakes and intense timelines and where client's often find themselves in crisis, SPANS is often sought out to advise on (and facilitate) assignments such as a major national health system reform process, company transition management, merger integration, strategic systems integration, dispute resolution programs and system design.